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Natural, organic, traditional healing products handmade in New Zealand
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Mango Deluxe Pack


“I takea mai ngā rongoā i a Papatūānuku, i a Ranginui;

nā rāua tahi ngā rongoā katoa i whakatupu mō te oranga nui o tātou katoa.

Ko te aroha te taura here!”

All cures are provided by earth mother and sky father as a medicine for healing, and as a cure for us all, love is the conduit.

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About us

KawaCure was born out of necessity providing healing and cures for various ailments. Our products are all-successful, and are proven solutions for whānau who are born with sensitive skin, who are disposed to rashes, eczema, skin allergies and other skin irritations.

Traditional Māori

We harvest plants for all our products in accordance with Rongoā principles. This means offering appropriate Karakia and safeguarding sustainability of our sources to ensure the maximum healing potential is activated.
Say hello to better sleep, improved stress management, higher energy levels, more mobility, and faster recovery.