The KawaCure Story


KawaCure was born out of necessity providing healing and cures for various ailments. Our products are all-successful, and are proven solutions for whānau who are born with sensitive skin, who are disposed to rashes, eczema, skin allergies and other skin irritations. Our whānau Tohunga (Alchemist), and our local Māori healing collective recommend healing remedies utilising natural traditional rongoā (Māori herbal medicine). Hence all our products are 100% natural, freshly harvested, and resources are readily accessible.

We harvest plants for all our products in accordance with rongoā principles.


Kawakawa (Macropiper Excelsum) is the most popular healing plant. We complement the medicinal qualities of Kawakawa with other natural ingredients; i.e. our Traditional KawaCure Balm contains: kawakawa leaf extract, olive oil, natural beeswax, and aroha (love), the essential magical component. The colour, fragrance, and feel contribute to a beautiful experience when applied by hands or fingers. Kawakawa is utilised in our products, and we provide a kawakawa tea also. New products are ongoing catering to the demand of requested special blends.